Benefits of Arts and Crafts and DIY Eco-Friendly Crafting Ideas for Kids

April 26th, 2021

Looking for a fun yet mind-boosting activity for your li’l buds? Here’s an idea! Green up your crafting activities with your li’l ones to help bring environmental awareness early on. Teaching li’l ones the importance of caring for our planet will have a profound impact on their life choices.   

Learning is more interesting when there’s fun involved, so let’s spruce things up for your little ones! DIY crafting sessions with your little ones are an engaging way to teach them about sustainability. Using objects you can find around the house teaches kids the concept of reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Why Crafting? 

Aside from learning about our planet, crafting also helps kids in other areas. Let’s dig into why DIY activities are not only fun but also important to your kiddo’s upbringing. According to research, doing arts and crafts activities is a holistic learning experience. It requires body, mind, and soul to craft. Here are some magical benefits of crafting:   

Encourages Self-expression  

Each kid has their own unique and special way of expressing themselves. Giving them a creative outlet like crafting gives them the freedom to make whatever they want. Being encouraged to create what you want also helps boosts their confidence. They’re able to take pride in their creations, so let their creative energy run wild!   

Reduces Stress   

Yes, your li’l ones can and will experience stress. The best way to take out negative energy is to keep their minds focused on an activity. Getting their hands busy with a DIY project will keep their li’l minds busy. Stress be gone!   

Brain Boosting

DIY projects are a great way to train li’l minds. Not only does crafting encourage creative thinking, but it also teaches kids how to be problem solvers and decision-makers. Mental exercises can be fun too!   

Earth Friendly DIY Ideas   

After taking a quick look at the wonderful things DIY projects bring to your li’l bud’s life, here are super fun environmentally-friendly activities for kids.  

#1 Rock Painting  

Does your li’l one love painting? Rock painting is a great way to add a splash of color in an idle afternoon. Take out your rock painting kit and turn plain ol’ rocks into works of art with your li’l ones.    

#2 Eggshell Mosaic  

Hold up, keep your eggshells away from the bin and save them for this awesome crafting project. Not only is this activity super fun; it also doesn’t cost a dime. Using things that usually go to waste like eggshells can teach kids how to be resourceful. With this mindset, they’ll be able to give things a second life!  

#3 Gardening with Water Beads   

Aside from giving things a second life, kids also need to learn how to preserve life. Planting with water beads is a great way to teach kids how to care for the environment. Giving them the responsibility to keep a plant alive is a big learning experience.   

#4 Flower Pressing   

Here’s a fun idea! Give old flowers a second life with your li’l buds. Oftentimes, dead flowers are thrown away and replaced with freshly picked ones. But who says dried flowers aren’t beautiful?   

Flower pressing is a great way to make use of dried-up flowers. Simply place a flower of your choice between two sheets of paper (in a book) and leave for a couple of days. Afterward, take the dried flowers out and place them in a picture frame. It’s going to be stunning!   

#5 Veggie Stamping   

Veggies make great stamps. They come in a variety of unique textures and patterns. Just choose your veggie of choice, stamp them in ink and start decorating. You can add unique textures to various things around the house. From kitchen towels, notebooks, and many more!  

Green Up Crafting Time  

Introducing eco-friendly crafting alternatives will help your kids understand the importance and beauty of nature. Having a green state of mind also fosters environmentally conscious life decisions early on. So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting green with your li’l ones today!