Fun Activities to Help Inspire Kids to Eat Healthy

March 25th, 2021

Got a picky eater in your hands?  This Global Child Nutrition Month, inspire kids to eat healthily and lead healthier and happier lives. A healthy kid is a happy one. Having a well-balanced everyday diet is important for every growing child. Not only is healthy eating important for proper growth and development, it is also preventative for various health problems like high blood pressure, dental caries, and iron deficiencies.  

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2020-2025) shares a recommended healthy eating pattern for kids ages 2 and above:  

Variety of fruits and vegetables 

Whole grains 

Fat-free and low-fat dairy products 

Variety of protein foods 


So, how do you inspire your little ones to eat healthily?  

The best way to teach li’l ones about food and health is to give them an active role in the learning process. This is because experiences are the best and most effective lessons. When learning about the different senses, kids must participate in various sensory play activities to properly understand how something feels, looks, and tastes like.  

Take your little ones on a food trip to the kitchen and involve them in meal planning, shopping, and preparations. Once they get involved, they will be more likely to try out new foods. 

Activities to Inspire Healthy Eating Habits 

Start teaching healthy eating habits early on to instill positive lifelong habits. But how do you make a bowl of fruit as enticing as a bowl of gummy bears? The answer is to educate your li’l ones about the nutritional value of healthy foods. To get started, here are some super fun activities you can do with your li’l ones. 

#1 A Field Trip to the Food Market 

Take your li’l one’s food shopping in your local farmer’s market or any other food shop. Going out and about will expose kids to all sorts food produce they might have not seen at home. Taking kids food shopping also gives them a chance to explore and pick out foods they want to eat. Snack times will be a whole lot more fun when it’s a treat of their choice!  

#2 Have A Mystery Tasting Party  

Kids are naturally curious creatures. Why not encourage their curiosity with a fun mystery tasting game? This is a great activity for little ones to learn about unusual fruits and vegetables. Bring out some unfamiliar fresh produce. Blindfold your kids and have them taste and identify or describe the taste. Not only does this broaden your li’l one’s knowledge, but it also helps them explore new foods that they wouldn’t try otherwise.  

#3 Play the Colorful Foods Games 

What’s more engaging than playing a game? Little ones are always more alert when there’s fun involved. Bring out a sheet of paper with a color written at the top and have your Lil ones come up with as many fruits and vegetables of that color as possible. It’s a fun way to put their nutrition knowledge to the test.  

#4 Play the Food Labeling Game  

Teaching healthy eating to kids can sometimes be a real snooze. Games, on the other hand, can make learning a lot more fun and engaging for li’l ones. Another fun game to try out is the labeling game. To get started, create labels of the different food groups (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, etc.) and pull out everything from your pantry and fridge. Gather all food items onto the kitchen counter and have your little one sort out each food item into their designated food group. This fun activity is an awesome way for kids to understand the healthiest to the “eat occasionally” foods at home.  

#5 Prepare A Snack Together 

Isn’t it more satisfying when you’re tasting your own creations? Help your li’l ones prepare their own healthy snacks. Have them pick out some healthy food recipes. Picking out and preparing their own meals gives little ones an active role in their everyday diet. What makes this activity great is that it teaches li’l ones to be more responsible and conscious of their own health 

Little ones need to take an active role in the learning process 

No matter what subject it is, it’s highly important to give your little ones the opportunity to get out there and learn through their own experiences. These fun yet simple activities, you’ll be effectively teaching positive lifestyle choices, inspiring them to lead healthier and happier adult lives.