Best Creative Toys to Develop Artistic Skills

What Art Can Bring to A Kid’s Life  

Art may seem like all fun and games—and it is! But it also plays a big role in your child’s early development. From communication to social skills, creative activities help little ones understand new concepts. As parents, it’s important to create a space where your kids can freely express themselves without any judgment.   

Whether it’s painting a picture, performing or playing pretend, a creative outlet allows kids to naturally express their feelings and experiences. Encouraging artistic expression is incredibly important. By exploring and experiencing different creative activities they’ll be able to develop their personalities and interests.   

To help foster creativity in your little one’s life, here are some of the best creative toys to help develop their artistic skills.   

Painting Kit 

Looking for toys that encourage imagination? A painter’s set is a great option for budding little artists! Painting helps develop a child’s imagination as they play around with different colors and create their own pieces of art.  

Benefits kids can gain through painting:  

Increased Imagination 

With a brush in hand, a blank canvas and a color palette by their side, kids can run wild with their imagination. And with no rule book to follow, kids are able to freely paint whatever they wish. 

Mobility Skills 

Holding a paint brush and creating different figures can help little ones develop their mobility skills. This messy but super fun activity can help with your kid’s hand-eye coordination as they learn how to create shapes using their vision and hand movements.  

There are so many fun crafty ways kids can explore with their painting skills with, like painting on rocks, shirts, mugs and many more! You definitely can’t go wrong with a painting kit.  

Molding Clay 

Clay would be such a great treat for your li’l ones! It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for creative educational toys to introduce to your kid. Playing with clay enables kids to get creative with their hands.  

Another great thing about clay is that kids can learn and explore through hands-on experience. With a piece of clay on their little hands, they’ll learn all about shapes, texture, and form while having tons of fun! 

There are so many things’ kids can gain from playing with clay. Here are a few examples:  

Hand-eye coordination 

As their little hands push, pound and pat the clay into shapes and objects they’re directly developing their hand to eye coordination.  

Motor skills  

 By using their muscles in their hands and finger to manipulate the clay kids are continuously developing their fine motor skills.  


Molding clay to form into any shape helps develop your child’s imagination. They’re able to express their own thought and ideas and turn them into a physical form.  

Clay is a great option to encourage your kid to share their own artistic expressions all while helping them develop everyday skills. You never know, you might have a future potter in your hands!  

Toy Figures 

Your little ones are bursting with so much energy and creativity. Toy figures are a great way to help encourage and develop a kid’s imagination, emotional and communication skills. Take a look at these skills your kids can acquire through play.  

Imaginative Play 

Toy figures are one of the best ways to encourage creative play. They’ll be able to create different worlds with their mini figures and play out different scenes straight from their imagination.  

What’s great about these toys is that they can take them just about anywhere! Your child can go on imaginative adventures whether on the bathtub, car or at the doctor’s.  

Emotional Intelligence 

Being emotionally sensitive and strong is an essential skill for any individual. Teaching your child how to connect with their own emotions, empathy, and concern for others will help guide them to become better citizens of society.  

Figures are one of the best toys that would help kids make these emotional connections. Teaching them how to care for and treat their toys is a great stepping stone to developing their emotional intelligence.  


Playing scenes out from their imagination with their toy figures teaches kids how to be great storytellers. You’ll be able to even see your child’s language development in action as you watch them speak and communicate with their toys.  

Toy figures help kids boost their creative minds as they bring their fantastical stories to life. Toy figures are ideal for parents looking for a convenient yet educational toys for kids 

Costumes for Dress Up 

Dress up is a fantastic way for kids to proactively learn about new and exciting things. While playing as a doctor, princess or fairy may seem like fun and games, your kids are actually learning new things with every costume they put on.  


Playing dress-up requires children to keep track of what they’ve seen and heard. As they play out scenes, they base their action from what they have seen before. For example, if a child is playing a princess, they’ll copy what they have seen in fairy-tale films.  


When playing a role, kids decide what they’ll be saying and how they’ll be saying it. This gives them the opportunity to expand their vocabulary with new words and phrases they’ve heard from the people, stories and films.  

Decision making 

Kids are encouraged to make their own decisions when they play dress-up. Given the scenario they’re in, little ones will be actively utilizing their decision-making skills as they go on adventures.  

Pretend play with costumes helps kids explore and develop quite a number of social skills that are important in everyday life. 

Creative Toys Play A Big Role in Your Child’s Development  

Creative toys are great building blocks for your child’s early development. As they explore their own creativity they’re child is acquiring important life skills. As they continue to express their creative freedom, little ones are starting to build their understanding of the world.  


5 Wonderful Non-Gadget Christmas Toys Your Kids Will Love

Our world has now increasingly become reliant on digital devices, so it’s necessary for kids to learn how to use them. Introducing them to technology can be beneficial when balanced out with items that aren’t stereotypically classified as tech.  They not only help your child’s development but are also friendlier to their overall health that can be damaged by overexposure to screens and blue light. 

Not sure where to start? As a launching pad into imaginative play and non-tech toys, these are ideas of great screen-free presents to give your children this holiday season. They prioritize the use of pretend and motor skills to create holistically enriching activities. 

Water Beads 

Bath times and kiddie pools are a lot of fun on their own but what if you could have several little balls of floating color in them, too? Turn water activities into a magical time. Get a water beads set that also comes with tools made for your li’l one’s hands to help them practice their fine motor skills. Bathe in rainbow, and play with it, too! 

Doctor Kit 

Let your child spend their days in the shoes of a doctor. Choose a set with complete tools, designed to mimic their real-life counterparts without the danger. It not only helps encourage them to take up a noble profession in the future, but eases their anxiety when visiting the doctor. For better results, include a children’s story about doctors, and how a day in their life goes. 

Dinosaur Set with Interactive Sound Book 

Encourage your child to take interest in science and history with dinosaur toys! Buy ones that are anatomically correct, based on actual scientific research. A good introduction into the world of dinosaurs would be one that includes general knowledge on them, instead of overwhelming kids with information. Sound books make for very interactive read, letting your child hear the roars of what dinosaurs might’ve once had. 

Tools Set 

It’s good to get your kids into working with their handsand not on a keyboard or screen, for well-rounded childhood development. Start them off with a simplified and much safer experience with a toy tool set. The best ones include a toolbag, a storage kit, and a story that teaches your li’l one about the use of each tool. 

Bath Tablets 

The love for chemistry begins in fun and interesting experiences that even the littlest tots can enjoy. Where to begin? The bath! Create magic potions and science experiments using bath tablets, and watch them change the color of the water. You can mix two different ones to create a new hue. It helps improve your child’s color recognition, while encouraging them to discover the world through science and art. 


Imagination and Skills Development First

Play is an essential part of a young child’s life. Enhance its benefits by carefully choosing well-designed toys based on studies on children’s development. In deciding what to buy for the early years, select ones that emphasize the use of imagination, and different skills. 

Create a mix of toys that improve several skills at the same time, and those that focus on specific ones. Pay special attention to your child’s improvement and interests. Soon, you’ll learn to spot what needs work on, and what types of toys help but don’t hesitate to seek help through communities, blogs, doctors, experts, and of course, Li’l-Gen! 










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