How to Promote Healthy Eating Habits to Li’l Ones

April 6th, 2021

A healthy body always starts with healthy eating. It’s important to teach your li’l ones that to stay bright, they have to eat right. As parents, the best way to teach kids how to live a healthy and well-rounded life is to make eating right a habit. They’ll be able to effortlessly lead healthy lifestyles as grown adults.   

Healthy Eating Habits is the Path to A Healthier Life   

With junk food TV commercials, peer pressure, and a busy schedule, getting your li’l ones to eat well can be a real struggle. Oftentimes, a child’s diet is built around convenience and takeout food. However, healthy foods can add so much value to your li’l one’s life. It can help prevent obesity and other health problems. Additionally, a healthy diet can help kids emotionally and mentally, helping with conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more.    

Eating right can be hard for li’l ones, especially when you’ve got a picky one in your hands. To encourage your li’l ones to start adopting healthy eating habits, try out these helpful tips!  

Family Meal Times    

Did you know that having regular meals together has a positive impact on your li’l one’s development?   According to a Harvard study on the power of a family meal, families who eat together are more likely to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables compared to families who don’t eat together. They also consume less takeout and fast foods.   

Additionally, li’l ones who regularly eat with their families tend to eat different types of foods and aren’t as picky. By having meals together as a family unit, you’ll be building a stronger and communicative relationship with each other. Building a sense of belonging and better self-esteem for li’l ones.

Fill Your Kitchen with Healthy Foods  

Is your kid eating junk food all the time? Perhaps the main reason for this is because it’s the only food available at home. Here’s a suggestion: stock your pantry and fridge with only healthy food options. Kids don’t have a choice but to eat whatever’s available at home. Having control of what goes in your kitchen makes it a whole lot easier for kids to choose healthy food.   

Instead of a bag of chips, prepare some fresh fruits and vegetables that are ready to snack on. Replace sugary drinks with sweet yet healthier options like freshly squeezed orange juice or low-fat milk. For more fiber, choose whole-grain cereals instead of sickly sweet ones. Instead of thinking about healthy foods as an alternative to unhealthy food, make it your li’l one’s first choice.   

Lead by Example   

As parents, you are your li’l one’s number one role model. How you navigate through the world will be closely monitored and replicated by your mini-me. Therefore, the way to promote healthy eating is to eat well yourself. Lead a healthier lifestyle by becoming the person you want your little one to be.   

For snack time opt for fruits and veggies and limit your sugary snacks like cookies and cakes. Another way to set a good example is to set appropriate meal portions, eat on a regular schedule, and avoid overeating. Having a bad relationship with food can harm your child’s eating habits early on. As their role model, it’s important to send the right message to your li’l ones.     

Kids Need to Build A Healthy Relationship with Food   

It’s important to keep a positive approach to eating healthy. Li’l ones need to learn the true value of a healthy diet and how it can positively impact them. Having a good relationship with food is highly important for any individual. Promoting healthy eating habits early on will help strengthen kid’s understanding of their bodies and how they should treat them. To grow stronger, you’ve got to be healthy!