Pretend Play Ideas and What Your Li’l Ones Can Learn from Them

March 30th, 2021

Ever wonder why your li’l ones are so fond of playing pretend? The land of make-believe allows kids to become anything or anyone they want. Exploring their wild imaginations and expressing themselves freely. Whether it’s going on a fairytale adventure or running a restaurant, li’l ones are continuously learning through pretend play.    


The Magical Benefits of Pretend Play   


Things are a whole lot more interesting when they’re fun. Pretend play is one of the best and most engaging ways kiddos can learn through play.   

According to a review paper on the relationship between pretend play and children’s development, pretend play helps kids develop their reasoning skills. Most importantly, role play is a great way for kids to develop their social skills and awareness of others.   

To learn more, here are the top reasons why pretend play should be part of every li’l one’s lives:   

They Can Learn About Themselves and the World  

Pretend play experiences are one of the first ways kids can start learning about their interests, likes, and dislikes, and what they’re good at. Through role-playing, they can act out what they have learned and observed from people and things around them. For example, when playing kitchen, you’ll see your li’l ones acting out tasks they’ve seen you do.   


Helps Them Overcome Scary or Challenging Issues  

Pretend play can help kids overcome difficult or challenging life events. For example, playing doctor introduces and familiarizes kids with what to expect while at the doctor’s clinic. Oftentimes, kids are afraid of what’s unfamiliar to them. Having your kids play around with stethoscopes and toy needles will help them feel more comfortable when dealing with the real thing.   


Develops Social and Emotional Skills

Dramatic role play is a fun activity to play with others. Li’l ones can go on exciting adventures with their friends. By interacting with others, kids are developing their communication and social skills bit by bit. Through pretend play, they can learn how to empathize and express their own emotions in a social setting.    


Pretend-play Ideas for Li’l Ones   

Looking for new role play ideas for your budding li’l actors? Check out these fun new ideas!   


Running a li’l restaurant is a fun and exciting role-play activity for aspiring li’l chefs! Instead of just pretend cooking, li’l ones can learn about the different roles a restaurant needs to keep running. From cooking, serving, to cleaning the food. It’s a great learning experience as it teaches li’l ones how to do different daily chores.    

Pet Hotel  

Does your li’l one love pets? Playing pet hotel is a great way for them to develop their emotional intelligence as well as problem-solving skills. Running a pet hotel teaches kids how to care for each pet. Li’l ones can also learn about hospitality as they strive to make things comfortable for their guest pets.   

Li’l Miss/Mr. Fix It  

Playing pretend with a toolset kit is the perfect way to teach kids about helping others. Give your li’l one li’l tasks to do around the house like fixing an imaginary light bulb. Or assisting you as you fix something. You can also ask your kids for help during your tasks. This pretends play activity is perfect to teach them the true value of hard work and the importance of helping others.   


Looking for a fun way to teach kids between right and wrong? Playing detective can help teach kids to learn all about justice as well as develop their observational skills. Have your li’l detectives bring out their magnifying glass and take them on a mini mystery adventure. They can explore their wild imagination and solve mysteries.    

Pretend Play is A Li’l One’s First Glimpse of the Real World  

As li’l sponges of information, kids are just waiting to absorb as much information as possible. By incorporating fun pretend play activities into your child’s life, you’ll be giving them a peek into how the real world works. This will help develop important life skills and lessons that they need to navigate through life.