The Benefits of Celebrating Holidays with Li’l Ones

March 19th, 2021

Kids are like little sponges of information, eager and ready to absorb knowledge all the time. Celebrating holidays with your li’l ones is one the best ways to pass your values to them. Taking the time to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and other significant days like Womens’ Day shows them what you believe in and care about most. 

Little ones learn the most from you. What they witness at home has a big influence on their beliefs and how they interpret and interact with the outside world. Celebrations spark so much joy. Little ones can experience special holiday treats from delicious food, fun activities to yearly traditions specific to each holiday.   

No matter how big or small the holidays are, it is a great way for kids to participate in various educational activities throughout the year. To learn more about the benefits of celebrating the holidays with your little ones, you’ve come to the right place!   

Builds Stronger Family Bonds 

Handling work while taking care of your kids keeps your hands full, leaving no downtime with your family. The holidays are a special opportunity for family bonding. Whether it’s feasting on festive foods, participating in rituals, or simply sitting together, moments like this help strengthen your bond with your little ones.  

According to research, families who spend time together form stronger emotional ties with one another. Having a sense of belonging helps kids form more positive behavior than risky behavior. In a study done by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse in Arizona State University, adolescents who have infrequent family dinners are twice as likely to use tobacco and alcohol. In addition to that, they are one and half times as likely to use marijuana.   

Simple activities such as family dinners can have a significant impact on your child’s development. As a parent, it’s important to the take initiative to turn your free time into family fun time.   

Breaks Everyday Monotony   

 “I’m bored!” Sounds familiar? While following a daily routine helps kids form healthy habits, doing the same thing week after week can disengage them. Their everyday activities can start to get old and can become a major snore.   

To keep things interesting and engaging, incorporate upcoming holidays into your kids’ everyday activities. You don’t need to wait for major holidays like Christmas or Halloween to change things up. Be open to celebrating smaller holidays like Engineer’s Week and take your li’l ones to a toolset kit for pretend play. Adding something new to your li’l one’s daily activities will keep things a whole lot more fun and interesting!  

Expands their World Knowledge   

It’s important to teach your little ones to understand and respect people from different backgrounds. Aside from celebrating your own family’s traditions and beliefs, kiddos can also learn a lot about other cultures through honoring different holidays.  

You don’t need to prepare something big to celebrate different holidays. Instead, you can celebrate special events as a way to teach kids about important life values. For example, Christmas focuses on peace, joy, and goodwill. Hanukkah can teach kids about charity, dedication, and faith.   

Having values-based celebrations allows kids to develop a richer understanding of the values associated with different cultural celebrations.   

Celebrations spark joy and joy facilitates learning 

As parents, it’s important to create an environment that can enrich your little ones. Celebrating holidays gives kids the opportunity to learn about important life values, develop new skills, and most importantly, build strong relationships.