What books should your kid read?

February 22nd, 2021

Looking for a fun yet effective way to nurture your child’s development? Books can be an incredible treasure trove for li’l ones! Books for kids can be considered their first taste of the real world as it helps li’l ones understand how things look, sound, and feel. In every stage of a child’s development, books can help facilitate the learning process.   

Kids and Books

Incorporating books into playtime can help teach kids a multitude of essential skills. They start to develop their ability to concentrate, explore their wild imaginations and learn the difference between reality and make-believe. Most importantly, books can help provide a safe space to guide kids to understand how the big world works.   

To figure out which books to get your li’l ones, here’s a quick guide on the different types of books for children.  

#1 Board Books  

Looking for books for your tiny tots? Board books are a great option to start with! These books are designed to make it easy for young kids to hold and understand. Board books often consist of one or a few words per page with straightforward sentences, letters (A to Z), numbers (from 1 to 10), and rainbow colors 

What makes board books an excellent option for kids is their interactive features like different textures, sounds, and pop-out images. If you’re looking for books that teach early learning concepts, board books are the way to go!   

#2 Picture Books  

Another great book option for kids is picture books! With their fun and vibrant designs, picture books can surely catch your li’l one’s attention. Stories in picture books are mainly depicted through eye-catching illustrations and simple sentences, enabling young kids (4 to 6 years old) to understand easily.    

What makes pictures great is that they’re able to share valuable lessons through simple, easy-to-follow plots. Subjects can range from identifying feelings, learning about animals, mythical creatures, etc.   

#3 Activity Books  

Is your kindergartner up for a new challenge? Activity books are a fun way to enhance your child’s development further. Kids can learn new skills from activities like connect the dots, word puzzles and spot the difference.   

Activity books are definite playroom essentials to get your kids thinking! By taking part in these activities, they start developing and testing their problem-solving, analytical, and observational skills.   

#4 Series Books  

Got a budding bookworm in your hands? Series books are made just for little readers to explore their imagination further and enjoy storytelling’s magic. Kids can read book-by-book as they get to know the main characters and follow them on their adventures.   

By following series books, kids can further develop their emotional intelligence as they start to have a deeper understanding of each of the characters’ stories and connect with them. To further enhance your child’s emotional and mental development, encourage them to embark on fantastical journeys in the world of books.  

The Power of Books 

Whether your kids are learning the basics or further developing their skills, books can help them throughout their lessons. Because books don’t just teach kids how to read, it also teaches kids the ability to be critical, imaginative, and empathetic individuals.