Fun Holiday Games for Kids’ Learning

December 9th, 2020

Schooling slows down in this season every year when more time is given to allow kids to be kids. Homework loads are lighter, as the world seems to semi-hibernate for the winter, including our children’s schoolbags. It doesn’t mean you should not let the brain work. Through holiday games for kids, fun and learning go hand-in-hand.

1. Christmas Story Writing

Christmas games for kids don’t need to be complicated. Let the kids unleash their creativity. Give the kids a few minutes, or however long their attention will hold, to come up with their own story and then share it with the family. Allow them to do it simply or develop a full-blown play they can stage in the living room. Remember to keep them away from the fireplace. Award the best story but also come up with other prizes.

2. Christmas Rock Painting

Don’t let the winter snow discourage you from the loving art of rock painting. The coldest season of the month also triggers the saddest emotions so bring out your brushes and paints! Put smiles back on people’s faces by making holiday-themed rocks. Award them for categories such as, Best in Holiday Theme, Most Creative, and Brings the Most Joy, to make it even more interesting.

3. Snowman Stack

Spread the cheer everywhere by taking ordinary games and turning them into Christmas games for partiesTake Solo cups, or old stacking cups, and paint images of snowmen on them. You can also paste on cutouts so they’re removable after the holiday seasonHold a speed stacking contest or build a snowman with the cups. The fastest one to stack cups without sending a single one tipping over gets the prize.

4. Cotton Snow Race

Have them shovel snow in the forof cottoballs. Add another challenge by dyeing thein color, and having the children sort them according to color. Want to improve balance and focus? Take the cotton balls apart and stretch them untithey’re littlwispy balls of white. Then watch your kids try to balance them on a spoon without having their breath send them flying away. The first one to finish wins.

5. Christmas Balls Sorting

It’s one of the ideaholidagames for familiesIt’s fun, educational, and gets a chore done. What more could you ask for? Hone your child’s colorand patterns recognition, speed, and accuracy, while ticking one more item off your to-do list. Anything can become a game, including errands. Pass the time away, bonding with family, and being productive.

6. Do You See Santa?

Like a scavenger hunt for little Santa’s. You can also include other characters related to Santa, like reindeers and elves. Use little Santa figures, image, or even costumes. Ask them to spot Santa in different décor items found all over the house. Depending on how long it takes the kids to find all of themyou can hold Christmas games for kids like this throughout the entire season.

7. Guess the Carol Lyrics

Just likangame oguessing the lyricbufocuseon Christmas songsIt helps thetoarn the classics, remembewhat the seasois about, aninject holiday cheer intthhome oin the car. Anyone oanagcatake part, ithis Christmas gamfofamilies, from the young child who has juslearnetheifirssongs, tthhigh schookiwhhaknowthsongfoyears, tgrandmwhcarelive her precioumemories through the melodies.


Holiday Games for Kids to Develop Young Minds 

Never underestimate how much a child can learn through playtime. By dedicating more hours for important seasons like the holidays, you also set a good foundation for a happy and well-rounded adult. Take this as a chance to also return to your inner child and allow yourself to be fully in the moment, enjoying life with family.